Friday, May 5, 2017

My Healthy PC

As a company owner of a medium sized Media Communications company since 1999, Computing is one of the most important part of our daily activity. Especially file sharing between devices from computers to smartphones and tablets. Security is our number one priority and has always been our main concern, a crucial part for surviving in this digital era where social media, file transfer between devices and fast communication are top priorities.

We have been using AVG - since the beginning of our company with satisfying result. This top antivirus app is an effective program which not slowing down the computer performance like some other Anti Virus, also with a more accurate virus detection. It won't detect fake virus alert easily like other products, also practically fool proof in installation, usage and update.

One real world example is the usage in our music and multimedia production studio where we do anything from making music, mixing, mastering and playing some latest games in leisure time. Everything went smooth with no irritating problems that people are experiencing from other programs. We didn't experience any glitch with some critical applications, such as real time audio processing or playing a virtual instrument live with a fast passage. Stability is our main priority and this program deliver. When time is premium, scanning is also reasonably fast and fool proof. But most important that it has protect us for so many years without being infected with those dangerous virus and malware. We've tried several other Anti Virus programmes, but AVG is certainly one of the best and easy to use.

It's a proven award winning program with a reasonable price, especially the business edition which includes a network antivirus which is very important when working with many computers like in our office. Even the free edition provides an above average protection compared to the included anti virus from Windows. There's no excuse to endanger your PC and others with such an affordable solution. Highly Recommended!


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