Thursday, February 2, 2012



Yeah, that's the one....Pinterest makes me crazy these couple of weeks...
I'm ADDICTED to's like having a window shopping to the university :) lol

Fashion, Style, Art and Craft, Lovely places...and can find it all there...with all lovely pictures. You can build your own world there :) for me it works that way.....LOL
My world there filled with few boards with different title, ex : My Style, Things I Love, Yummy Food & Drink, Art & Craft...and many more i guess....(still developing it) and it wont end anytime soon. You can build your own world too, by 'pin' any kind of pictures you love. And I guarantee, you'll feel quite satisfied by looking all of that stuffs :) not to mention that there's another urge to buy those kind of things...or eat those kind of food...or even go to those dreamy places

As a result...for I mentioned...It's my new 'cyber' world...and I LOVE IT

So if you're interested to see my little can go to


  1. Hello my dear! Just discovered your blog and became your follower also here!:D I like that kind of sites too, still not have an account there but thinking about it!:P Have a great day!! Big kissssssssss! xoxoxo :*

  2. Hi Lilli...
    It's great to see you here ! I followed u back already :) I'll be waiting for you in Pinterest ! Have a great weekend. Kisses !


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