Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Delicious Bites

Recently I find that there are so many Food & Beverages stores or restaurants near from my office in Tebet. I haven't got the time to try some of them, but last week I stopped by at one of the famous cheese cake's store in Jakarta, named "Cheese Cake Factory". I picked Bolu Tape, Chocolate Truffle and of course the 'favorite' one...Cheese Cake. The size is not to big for a piece of cake, some of my friends even ask me if it's the size of a tester...hahaha...psst....I even share them with hubby, so the size was perfectly enough for both of us. And after tried them all...we have a blast feeling...they tasted great ! But for the Bolu Tape, I love my mom's Bolu Tape more than this one.

The Cheese Cake Factory offers not only cakes, they also serves foods which I haven't tried them yet. You can feel coziness when you see the interior of the restaurant and will be welcomed by warm waitress's attitudes.

Luckily, before we eat all of them, I took pictures of the Cheese Cake and Chocolate Truffle, so here they are.....just wanna share a bit taste with you all :)

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