Monday, June 1, 2009

Sing to Nirvana

I live in a beautiful country, Indonesia...and one of the most famous island in Indonesia is Bali. This set is one of my earlier sets and the design was inspired by a Balinese Legend of Ni Bawang.

The story tells how Ni Kesuna betrayed her sister Ni Bawang, causing her to ran away from her home. Ni Bawang ran into the forest where in her sadness, she prayed to God for mercy and protection. After hearing birds singing, she sang to them as if to God and in response the birds perched on her wrists, neck, and hands, giving her gold jewelry and a crown.

Ni Bawang then returned home, Ni Kesuna became envious of her and tried to recreate the scene herself. However, her evil heart made her ended up with snakes instead of birds.

For the very inspiring story of Ni Bawang, I named this set "Sing to Nirvana"

Thanks for the beautiful sculpture that was made by Nyoman Sedayatana, a craft artist from Bali, his creations are very inspiring.


  1. I know this story too.
    My grandma always tells this story as a bed time story when I'm sleep over in her house.
    She's a nice grandma even though she's telling me with balinese language and I'm not really understand.

  2. Hey, it's NotJustAnotherBrick from Polyvore (:
    Amazing story! Nice to see you on blogspot too!

  3. haloo :)
    main ke blogspot ku juga ya..


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